December 2, 2021
Better Maps or Waze

Waze Vs Google Maps Which One Is Better In 2021?

Once upon a time, there was the classic map, which not everyone knew how to use. Then came the technology, the first satellite navigators, which helped motorists to reach their vacation spot. Or a place to run an errand. Or to visit a friend, a relative, your partner. All without the risk of getting lost. Above all, the most used was TomTom.

Better Maps or Waze

So goodbye to paper maps that are uncomfortable to use while driving, since we did not always have a traveler at our side willing to tell us “turn right”, “turn left”, “go straight” or, as often happened, “come back, we went the wrong way! “.

With the arrival of smartphones, we have taken the next step. By storing the navigators and comfortably using the telephone for this function as well.

Better Maps or Waze? How are Things

To this fateful question, I answer with the classic “it depends”. Maps I have been using it for a few years and I’m happy with it. Waze for a month at the time of writing and I have to say it’s not bad. In fact, I had also tried it last summer, always at the suggestion. But I wasn’t happy with it.

The best solution is to use both. Google Maps is very reliable, although its main flaw is that it does not allow you to exclude dirt roads. So you will often find yourself – at least it often happens to me – walking along country roads or in any case full of holes to save a few minutes.

The great advantage of Maps is also to show walking routes and indicate routes by public transport. So it is also very useful when we don’t have to travel by car. The line tends to start immediately and go away only in the tunnels, and then immediately return.

Another limitation of Maps is that it does not carry speed cameras. Although this limit is gradually being overcome with the latest updates. It also shows how many km / h we are traveling.

Accidents in Apple Maps

Waze, on the other hand, is a more social app, as users can report dangers or obstacles on the road. It is possible to create your own account, see how many users are nearby, then eventually make friends.

The design is more colorful and playful than the austere Maps. And compared to it, it offers much more effective alternative routes and updates faster along the way. If there is any news during the trip, showing alternatives in real-time.

Another great advantage of Waze is that it allows you to exclude dirt roads, as well as toll roads of course. In addition, multiple vehicle types can be entered, such as taxis and motorcycles. So that the route will be suggested also based on the size of the roads and the routes provided for taxis. It is also possible to enter any permits for the ZTL and many settings. For example, it also warns us about speed cameras, fixed and mobile, and seems somewhat up-to-date.

A big flaw of Waze compared to Maps is that it doesn’t show walking or public transport routes. It also appears less intuitive to me than Maps when it comes to changing settings.

Navigation App

Still, Maps is best shown to see a route before leaving, while Waze also allows you to schedule departures with an alarm clock. However, both show potential arrival times based on traffic, although Waze seems to have done better on this aspect.

However, the Maps map seems clearer to me than the Waze one. Especially in the case of roundabouts. It will be a coincidence, but with Waze, I am wrong more often.

When to Use Maps?

When to use Maps? In my opinion, Maps should be used especially when starting from places where the telephone line is not that great. Also because it allows you to immediately download the route map and work even when the line is poor.

In addition, it is very useful to realize a path before starting. It senses slowdowns better, while Waze does it better on the go. And it is very convenient when you are on foot or you need to take public transport.

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