December 2, 2021
Best black and white photo app with colorful detail

Best Apps for Creating Black and White Photos

What is the best app to create a black and white photo with colorful detail? How to create a black and white photo while leaving a part in color? Often, we would like to enhance a detail within a photo. For example, making it black and white and then leaving that part we would like to highlight color. Just to distinguish it from the rest.

Best black and white photo app with colorful detail

After so much wandering, I was able to find an app that does just that. Simple and of course free. Not like other apps that have multiple functions and finding the one we need becomes complicated. Sometimes useless.

The Best App to Create Black and White Photos with Color Detail

The best black and white photo app with colorful detail is called Color Splash Effect. You can download it here for Android and here for iOS.

  • Once the app has been downloaded, we open it and this screen will appear (at the time of writing and from an Android device. To be checked if they are the same steps for iOS).
  • To load the image that we need to modify, we have to press on the first icon at the top left.
  • This screen will open.
  • We can choose whether to upload the image from the internal gallery to the smartphone, if we want to take a photo at that moment through the same app or by pressing Cancel we return to the previous screen.

best photo-editing apps

  • In our example, choose an image from the smartphone. A typical Neapolitan dessert: the soup.
  • When we load it, it will appear directly in black and white.
  • To choose which detail we want to enhance, we must press the first icon at the bottom: Color.
  • In ours, it is the central filling between the two upper and back crusts.
  • If, on the other hand, we want to make some other detail black and white, we can press the Gray icon next to it.
  • With Recolor, we can choose a color with which we want to draw a design.
  • In our case, we choose to make a green circle on the back sugar part.
  • With the last icon at the bottom, Zoom, you can enlarge the image or move it around the frame.
  • A little further you will find 2 other functions: Size and Opacity.

With Size, you can enlarge the size of the circle to color the part that interests you. You should enlarge it when the area to be colored is larger, while you make it smaller when you need to refine the edges. Although this app is also smart to automatically try not to overstep.
With Opacity, you will instead change the opacity level of the part that you have decided to leave colored.
On the top, in addition to the first icon to upload the image, you will find many other functions.

Black and White Background Editing

  • With the first arrow, you go back to the black and white image you just uploaded.
  • With the second arrow, you delete the last change made and allow you to repair some errors.
  • The fourth icon I honestly did not understand what it is for since enlargement is also possible with Zoom seen before.
  • With the fifth icon, you can download and download the image to your device.
  • The sixth icon allows you to share your image on various social networks and chats (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.)
  • The last icon, the Starlet, allows you to leave a review for the app.

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